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So many people start and end their day scrolling the feeds of social networks, and research shows that the average user checks their smartphones more than 250 times a day! That’s a lot of opportunity to reach potential customers.

Add to this the fact that the followers of your page do not see every post you publish, and we should not forget that users are simultaneously present on several social networks either.

Nowadays, users who do not have a profile on one of the social networks are a rarity. Take advantage of the valuable data they leave there by targeting your advertising campaigns precisely. We know how!

ic_rise_of_loyalty@2xBrand reputation and user loyalty. Turns out people are more inclined to have a positive opinion about a product (and buy it) if they see their friends endorse it on Facebook.

ic_fall_of_costs@2xReduced advertising costs. Depending on who your target audience is, by advertising on social networks you could reach more users compared to other channels.

ic_precise_targeting@2xPrecise targeting. If there’s one thing that separates campaigns on social networks from other types of advertising, it is the ability of most precise end-user targeting.

ic_remarketing@2xRemarketing. If the campaign does not stick with your potential customer at first, we will make sure that they are reminded of it later using the fine-tuned remarketing mechanism.

ic_interaction@2xBrand interaction. If your customer can contact you and get a reply to their question is a short period, they are more likely to recommend you to a friend.

ic_estore@2xIncrease purchase intention. When combined with other channels, like mobile applications and a web site, advertising on social networks is an unbeatable ally in gaining the trust of customers.

ic_strategy@2xUpgraded advertising strategy. Through social networks, you will immediately get user feedback and be able to adjust your marketing strategy to improve in the areas where you can do better.

Many businesses do their social networks advertising only taking into account ‘advertising’, and forgetting about the social part. It results in losing customers!

ClickAttack’s offer includes:

  • High quality content that motivates purchase
  • An experienced team that will guide you
  • Interesting, creative and interactive ads
  • Competition analysis service
  • Development and implementation of prize games service
  • Personal Community management consultants
  • Multiple channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

How are we going to do that?

Trust ClickAttack with the implementation of your advertising campaigns on social networks, and worry about nothing. We’re with you every step of the way. First, we’ll set campaign objectives with the client, and then our team will set out on the mission to create an extraordinary experience for the user and great success for you.

Let’s co-operate!

ClickAttack’s team will be your ally in fighting invisible campaigns. Let's start your marketing on social networks together and get the users to like it.

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